Prybar needs your help, the UK needs our help and, perhaps surprisingly, Westminster needs our help also. Westminster needs our help because it has lost its way, is incapable of self-rehabilitation, and is fundamentally damaging our home in increasingly serious ways. Westminster needs these reforms and in the end it will thank us for compelling it to accept them.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to Prybar and I have detailed these below.


1 – Please make a voter pledge here.

2 – Please tell others about Prybar and ask them to make a voter pledge also.

3 – Please build a constituency group to promote Prybar in your constituency particularly if it is a marginal.

4 – Please make a financial contribution to Prybar to help us promote the programme.

5 – Please give us your feedback on anything about Prybar.


In addition to the above Prybar would also benefit greatly from volunteers with formal skills or substantial experience in all of the following areas:

A – Administration

B – Website development

C – Media and public relations

D – Advertising

E – Fund-raising

F – Research

G – Legal advice

H – Parliamentary protocols and procedures

I – Accounting and finance


If you can support Prybar in any of the ways described above, or have an idea about any other way you can help please do get in touch. We can’t guarantee to come back to you immediately but we will do our very best to always reply.

Thank you all for helping to make our country better.


Welcome to Prybar – There’s always a way