Second homes for MPs

As stated in reform of parliament and parliamentarians, second homes for MPs is an inexcusable waste of taxpayers money and self catering block accommodation must therefore be introduced. There is however no reason for such block accommodation to be bricks and mortar.

A sovereign class vessel could easily accommodate the entire parliamentary machine and would also be able to position itself in different locations around the UK over the five year parliamentary cycle. This would strengthen relations with the public and all devolved parliaments and may go some way to overcoming the north south divide

When parliamentarians are in London the Houses of Parliament could of course be used, but this unit could be moored on the Thames purely for accommodation purposes. This period back in London could also be used for ongoing maintenance activities.

The cost savings from second homes allowance and additional revenues raised by leasing space in the Houses of Parliament, when MPs are outside of London, would be significant, with initial estimates suggesting that this option would significantly reduce the burden on the taxpayer.

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Secretive organisations

Most members of the public are aware that secretive organisations exist in the UK and, at the very least, these organisations exercise power over recruitment decisions taken in many private and public institutions. It is therefore appropriate that individuals subscribing to such organisations should be prevented from assuming key positions in all public institutions.

A full definition must be developed to capture such organisations but a basic definition would be: a non-occupational organisation that assigns its members a position or rank and then uses that designation to determine what information may, and may not, be shared with them. Members of such organisations also often use clandestine methods of revealing themselves to one another whilst keeping their membership status hidden from non-members.

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