Why do we have to reform high office conduct and discipline?

Self regulation amounts to no regulation”. If there is one reason that stands head and shoulders above all others for the appalling state of high office in the UK it is that. The relationship between these two things should come as no surprise; after all, why act with propriety and probity if you will never be held to account for your actions. Those in high office understand this, but will try very hard to maintain things as they are nonetheless. We cannot allow this and all holders of high office, up to and including the Prime Minister, must be brought under a conduct and disciplinary body that they have no power over, no influence over and no relationship with.

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Reform summary

The creation of a High Office Conduct and Disciplinary Executive (H.O.C.D.E) is required to finally bring public accountability to all those who, at present, fall beyond the reach of basic conduct standards and the UK legal system.


Detailed reform principles

The H.O.C.D.E shall be formed using the following principles:

A – The H.O.C.D.E shall be placed under the control of the H.O.C.D.E Board.

B – The H.O.C.D.E Board and H.O.C.D.E shall be established using all best practice anti-corruption methodologies advised by organisations such as Transparency International.

C – Members of the H.O.C.D.E Board and H.O.C.D.E will be selected and reselected every 5 years (in a staggered manner) using a combination of blind jury service selection and rigorous assessment that will include susceptibility to corruption*.

D – As an anti-corruption measure, all employees of the H.O.C.D.E Board and H.O.C.D.E will be unable to serve more than one term in their lifetime.

E – No member of the H.O.C.D.E Board or H.O.C.D.E will have any relationship with any high office holder.

F – The H.O.C.D.E shall be funded with a guaranteed percentage of GDP and only the H.O.C.D.E Board, in direct consultation with the public, will hold the authority to alter this.

*The H.O.C.D.E board shall define the blind jury service staffing assessments for the wider H.O.C.D.E organisation. The blind jury service staffing assessments for the H.O.C.D.E board shall be developed by those holding PHD level qualifications or higher, and these persons will also be chosen using blind jury service selection.


H.O.C.D.E duties and responsibilities

1 – Formulates codes of conduct and sentencing framework, including criminal, for violations in all areas of jurisdiction*.

2 – Investigates breaches of codes of conduct and brings prosecutions, including criminal where warranted, in all areas of jurisdiction*.

3 – Investigates failings of high office procedures and brings revision as necessary to improve efficiency and prevent perversions.

4 – Investigates suspicious high office behaviour, relating to action or inaction, for evidence of corrupt practice and brings prosecution where necessary.

5 – Shall draft a formal UK constitution in co-operation with Parliament and the general public.

6 – Shall protect all whistle-blowers from the reach of those who may seek to bring harm to them.

7 – The H.O.C.D.E shall assume the power to initiate inquests and inquiries, from the executive, and set their scope and terms of reference.


Areas of jurisdiction* are defined as:

I – Conduct of all high office holders in all public institutions.

II – Pay and conditions for all high office holders based on a performance related framework.

III – Control of all high office expenditures

IV – Party funding

V – Lobbying

VI – Information veracity

Holders of high office should arguably be held to a higher standard than others, yet, shamefully, we find ourselves in precisely the opposite situation. Under this reform programme we should, at the very least, seek to create an environment of parity and end the inexcusable lack of accountability in this area.

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