Why do we have to reform our taxation system?

Our taxation system is now so convoluted that the only people alive who understand it are a dedicated group of specialists, who charge clients tens of thousands of pounds for their services.

It is now almost impossible for a member of the public to determine how much tax they contribute because stealth taxation has been so grossly misused.

There are a large number of tax avoidance loopholes, many of which are questionable, being used in ways that were never intended, that are proving harmful to our country.

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Reform summary

The taxation reforms that Prybar seeks are concerned only with transparency and simplicity, and are listed below.


Detailed reform principles

A – Our taxation system must be simplified to such a degree that it becomes unnecessary and unprofitable for taxation specialists to exist. All documentation issued by HMRC should be approved by the Plain English Campaign.

B – Any member of the public should be able to easily determine their entire tax contribution (this is currently only possible for NI and income tax) in any given year.

C – The contributions individuals make under National Insurance should be clearly divided into pensions, sickness and disability, NHS, and unemployment so that the public can clearly see how this tax is divided.

D – Taxes raised for a specific purpose such as road tax, NI pensions, NI sickness, NI disability and NI NHS should only be used for the purpose they are raised.

E – There should be as few forms of general taxation as possible with the ambition being to reduce this to income tax and a tax on business profits only.

F – Every tax avoidance mechanism in existence in the UK must be clearly written into a single document, in plain english, and made available online. The quantity of money lost for each scheme must be included also.

G – In addition to having complete visibility of how much tax each member of the public contributes it is also necessary to have complete visibility of how these tax revenues are spent. A highly granular and detailed breakdown of all monies spent by all public entities must therefore be made available online for every financial year.


Taxation is a necessary part of creating a civilised society, and is therefore a shared responsibility that we should welcome. This does not mean however that our government has the right to demand our money using unjust and/or illogical mechanisms, and then spend those monies opaquely. This is the current state and it must change. We all have the right to full transparency on what our contribution is and how those monies are being used.

(Have you read our strategy and made a voter pledge? – How about volunteering or spreading the word?)

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