You only have 4 choices at the next General Election:

1 – Vote for no one, and get the tories or labour.

2 – Vote for someone else, and get the tories or labour.

3 – Vote for the tories or labour, and get the tories or labour.

4 – Vote for the tories or labour, and get the tories or labour, but with a guarantee of electoral and political reform.


Option four is possible because there are over 200 constituencies that look like the following one:

A typical constituency from the 2017 General Election

1st place = The Labour Party = 15,000 votes

2nd place = The Conservative Party = 13,000 votes

Dead votes = The Lib Dems, UKIP, the SNP, the Greens, Plaid Cymru & others = 11,000 votes total


In the above example, Voters Of Other Parties (VOOPs) cast 11,000 votes. Voting as they did produced a labour win and a conservative defeat. Had they donated some 2,000 votes to the conservatives however they would have given the conservatives a win and dealt labour a defeat.

In other words, a mere 20% – 25% of VOOPs had the power to flip (or maintain) the electoral result in this constituency and 200 other constituencies just like it, with a flick of their pen, or if you prefer 20% – 25% of VOOPs had the power to flip (or maintain) the outcome of the entire general election, with a flick of their pen.

This is bad news for the conservative and labour parties because the power to control who wins and who loses gives VOOPs enormous power over these two parties, provided they work together to exercise it. Using this power, VOOPs can force the conservatives and labour into a bidding contest of political reform simply by issuing the following statement:


“Whichever party offers the UK a substantial electoral and political reform package will receive our unified vote and will therefore win the next general election.

Should both parties refuse to embrace the need for change we will assure a hung parliament.

We will maintain this position until electoral and political reform is realised because the wellbeing of 60 million people depends upon it.

Westminster’s continued intransigence in this regard is now inflicting real harm on our country.”


The appetite for political power these two parties have will provide all the motivation required for them to compete for the unified VOOP vote. The final step will then be to compare their offers and deliver an election win for whichever party puts forward a significant reform package, in exchange for a watertight legal undertaking to follow through.

To make this work however we do need VOOPs to steel themselves, work together and then vote for either the Conservative Party or the Labour Party at the next general election. For some people this may seem like a betrayal of their political convictions but I urge you to consider the following:


No matter how you vote you will end up with a conservative or labour government at the next election. The only choice you have is whether to demand electoral and political reform in return for this, or give them an election win for free.

In a FPTP system with both major parties obstructing reform this is the only way to secure it.

Without reform we will never have a voice or a real political choice and our country will continue to decline.

Voting just one time, in one election, for a party you may not favour is a very small price to pay for securing our long term national future.


As a further reassurance to those who may be concerned about enabling the conservatives or labour for a five year term in office please don’t be. If the party we support spends their five years in office causing the type of harm they would normally not hesitate to cause they will cease to be a significant political force. This is because the next general election will be fought under proportional representation (PR) rather that first past the post (FPTP). There is no hiding from voter anger under PR and both the conservatives and labour know that. This will encourage them to behave as public servants and respect the electorate.


To put this plan into practice we only need to do 3 things:

1 – Ask voters to make a voluntary non-binding voter pledge for the constituency they are in at

2 – Spread the word as much as possible

3 – Vote for whichever of the two main political parties that offers significant reform at the next General Election. Prybar will keep you informed of our progress.

As the number of voter pledges in each constituency reaches their target the conservatives and labour will begin to see that the days of monopolising our politics with a warped electoral system are over.


In summary

We appreciate that not everyone finds reading dry material about voting strategies stimulating so for those who prefer to condense the above all you really need to remember is this

If you pledge to vote for the political party Prybar nominates, you will become the king makers in the next general election, and we will then be able to force vital political reforms that will pull our country out of the hole Westminster has steered it into by making our voting system fair, making our MPs truly accountable and improving the quality of the policy making our country is exposed to.

If this is the future you also want for our country then please read our reforms and give us your support by making a voter pledge. We need you, and your vote can be valuable even under our disgraceful first past the post electoral system.

Additionally, perhaps you can also help in other ways or maybe make a donation.


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